Collect signatures

Collecting voter signatures. For/against

In order to nominate candidates for elections, it is necessary to collect a certain number of voters' signatures that are registered in the district. Their volume depends on the principle by which the candidate is nominated.

The political PR agency RC-Company provides services on collecting signatures, preparing the lists of signatures and forming a complete package of necessary documents for the nomination. Our specialists guarantee accurate compliance with the procedure for collecting signatures for elections, avoiding the risk of forgery and falsification of documents.

RC-Company specialists have extensive experience in collecting voter signatures to support candidates for any election. In addition, we can collect signatures for petitions, appeals and demands that accompany the election process. 

Our benefits are:
1. We use an individual approach to each client.

2. We strictly observe the schedules and deadlines for the execution of orders.

3. We carefully ensure that all details are taken into account when collecting signatures.

4. We work in all regions of the country without loss of quality.

5. We have regular clients who can confirm the high quality of our work.

Peculiarities of Russian legislation «On the Procedure for Collecting Signatures»

If the procedure for collecting signatures is violated, they may be declared invalid. As a consequence, the candidate is denied registration. The signature is placed in a special sheet indicating the initials and passport data of the candidate. The data are written in ink. The sheet is certified by the person who collected the signatures, indicates the data of the identity document. The lists of signatures are numbered and sewn in a special order as a brochure.

Also, political strategists and specialists of the RC - Company provide services on collecting signatures against the nomination of a candidate for the elections. The peculiarity of this process is that when collecting signatures there are many pitfalls, subtleties of the law, violating which painstaking work can be a waste of time. It is worth trusting our professionals to prevent the work from being meaningless.