Recall of deputies

The right to recall a deputy

The political PR agency RC-Company provides services aimed at the recall of deputies of the municipality’s representative body.
Not all citizens know that a deputy of a local council is not a "monolithic inviolable figure." If he fails to comply with his obligations, he can be voted out of office without waiting for the next election. The grounds for recalling a deputy of local self-government are based on the law. 

The right to recall a deputy

The law on the recall of deputies “On the status of deputies of local councils” has clear regulation of the process of recalling a deputy of the Russian Federation. The political strategists of our agency help voters understand the intricacies of the law.


The preparatory stage. It should be noted that voters can start the recall procedure no earlier than 12 months after acquiring the deputy’s powers. First, the mobilization of voters in the necessary number is required. At the same time, it is important that the mass media are aware of the meeting. We cooperate with many regional and federal journalists and television and radio companies. Due to the fact that the status of some media is not defined, we work only with official information agencies.


The assembly of the initiative group. The initiative group must collect signatures for the recall of a deputy. There are a lot of pitfalls in this work. For example, the design of signature lists should have a certain form, and the collection of signatures depends on which list the deputy was elected on.


The appointment of voting on the recall. The election commission checks the accuracy of the signatures provided, and their number.


Agitation for termination of recall. At this stage, the election commission informs the recallable person who has the right to give his explanations regarding the circumstances.


The voting procedure. The voting process for recalling a deputy follows the same rules as in an election. Voting shall be held no later than 2 months from the date of the decision.


Summing up the voting results.

A recall shall be deemed to have taken place if more than half of the voters included in the lists vote for it. In order for the deputy not to be able to block the recall, the work of qualified specialists and political strategists is necessary. Independent efforts of voters do not always lead to a positive effect.