Our companys specialists are developing strategic business development plans, the implementation of which gives new breath to the business and its owners.
Did you hit the ceiling? You do not see more prospects? Have you stopped on the path of your development? Have you all already bought yourself and your children? Do you have a lot of dough? Then go (link).

Well, if you feel the potential in yourself and you already have the capital that you want to increase, but cannot, because most of the time you spend your own forces on developing your business, then we are very welcome.

We develop a strategic plan only for business owners and top managers. We work personally, conduct the necessary audit and analysis, inspect the current state of affairs or do nothing and achieve the goal!


We teach to influence politics, while remaining in business, expanding its boundaries!

Oh, how many times have we heard everything: I dont get into politics ..., Politics is dirt, I dont need to fuck this ..., In one world they are all smeared there, thieves!

The life of a people in all its social layers is separated from the life of the state when the state is not visible in the life of this people! But it turns out that there is simply nothing for him to do there, except to provide services to ensure public life.

Why is the state in Russia stronger than its people?

Who will take responsibility in the country for the development of political institutions and instruments, except for the state? Of course, only the business or middle class to which it belongs!

Our company holds group master classes in the style of Perfomance Stand Up, in which we teach courage not to be afraid of the state, literacy, self-assertion of our civic positions, we model situations through entreprise